& Maintaining Your Health

An alternative healing handbook to Enhance your knowledge of physical conditions which respond well to simple, available and proven treatments that are accessible to everyone.


Much of the information presented in Regaining and Maintaining Your Health has been obtained from the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the " A.R.E.," which exists to study and use the works of Edgar Cayce, perhaps the most reliable medical-psychic-diagnostician ever known. This organization was founded to maintain the records of Mr. Cayce's work, research his pronouncements, and make the work available for all of humankind. You are encouraged to contact the A.R.E. as it is called at:

Mr. Cayce's health-care legacy continues to amaze those who study the "work," and sick people who take his advice invariably reap benefits that are amazing. Dr. Risley encourages readers to investigate Cayce's work for health suggestions of the holistic nature as well as guidance for successful pursuit of life in general.

Thomas Edison investigated Cayce's work, and evidence exists that Mr. Cayce was called upon for advice by the Washington White House in the early 20th century.

Many of the selected remedies for ailments or complaints are similar in the chapters of this indispensable book. Hopefully, this explanation will assist in an understanding of the reasoning behind these similar treatments. For example, virtually every ailment covered herein recommends a spinal adjustment from a chiropractic doctor or perhaps an osteopathic physician who still utilizes spinal manipulation in their practice.

The premises behind this recommendation of spinal adjustments are very simple, including the fact that all functions of the body are regulated by nerve impulses and direction from the brain. All of that intelligent control comes from the brain by way of nerve "transmission" throughout the nervous system - a form of electricity. It is well-known that injury to the major nerve - the spinal cord - results in very limited options for the patient. They die, or become paralyzed from the level of the spine that has been injured, downward to the toes. If the nerves to the kidneys or heart, or liver or arms, etc., are cut, those organs or body parts will cease to function or will function poorly, depending upon how much "collateral" nerve flow is maintained.

In the wisdom of the body, not just one nerve is allowed to control the entire arm for example. Cutting one nerve to the arm is certainly not good and impairs the function of the arm, but additional "backup" nerves can come to the rescue and maintain a reasonable level of function. This is known as "collateral nerve flow."

Chiropractic doctors know that rather then the nerve being cut, sometimes spinal bones or "vertebrae" becomes slightly out of place and perhaps irritate or press upon one or more important nerves. It is like an electrical "short circuit" from touching a "hot wire." Back or neck pain may or may not be present, but some impairment of the "end organ" or body part is likely to occur. Treatment by medicine in this case is not the answer. The only complete answer is relief from the pressure on the nerve, and that is the reason for the spinal adjustment.

Does it work? Ask virtually any medical doctor in this country if it works, and they will likely tell you that it does not. They will then say that there are no studies that prove such treatment works.On the other hand, they will not admit that most medicines today have not been tested for how well they work. Physicians believe that chiropractic will not work because that is what they have been told. They are of course, incorrect.

Unfortunately more and more reports of altered and "faked" studies are being used to promote drugs. Estimates are that 50% or more of published studies are produced by persons willing to slant the results towards the drug, for the right amount of compensation. Such procedures are potentially very harmful or possibly fatal for the unsuspecting patient, and are probably produced merely for financial profit versus good health.