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Impotence - Erectile Dysfunction - ED

Estimates are that 20 million men may have this problem in this country. Commonly, drugs are utilized to treat the ailment, when most other physical problems can be ruled out. The drugs used work by affecting certain body chemicals that cause an increase in arterial blood flow to the penis causing an erection. The drugs are not without significant side effects for some patients. A better solution is to relieve the ailments most often causing the difficulty. Diabetes frequently causes this erectile malfunction, both by raising the blood sugar level and narrowing the size of the arteries with cholesterol thus impairing free blood flow into the penis. The narrowing results from the diabetic’s poor digestion and assimilation of fat products like cholesterol, and the condition called atherosclerosis can narrow the arteries. Zinc is additionally important in this situation. Most diabetics are critically deficient in zinc.

The drugs currently used for this condition are a temporary fix at best. They are meant only to provide relief and are not designed to cure the problem. Drugs used to combat this condition relax and expand the arteries that push blood into the penis, creating an erection through complicated chemical interactions. Unfortunately, there are also side-effects that may occur in some patients, as in most drug-use situations. Many cases of loss of vision have been reported by users of these drugs. There is a better way and a way with much less risk!

  • The Key Action Items For Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Sufferers Are:

    • 1. Seek chiropractic care. Give that doctor time for correction. Be patient.
    • 2. Have a “mercury free” dentist consider remove your mercury fillings, and possibly any root canals.
    • 3. Use the Castor Oil Pack without fail! Complete directions are in the chapter.
    • 4. Have colonic irrigations or “colonics.”
    • 5. Obtain the product called “Prostacine” and “Super Vital E” as described in the chapter.
    • 6. Obtain a hair analysis and follow the directions and supplement recommendations without fail.
    • 7. ...


    ... much greater detail, step-by-step recommendations and in-depth suggestions are available in the full
    Regaining and Maintaining Your Health e-book.

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