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Physicians in alternative healing most often feel that cholesterol concern is without merit. While some do suggest that concern is indicated, most agree that taking drugs to lower the level of cholesterol is not the appropriate treatment. High cholesterol does in fact suggest that there is a health problem in the body. It does not necessarily mean that this elevated level is the cause of your health problem. Dr. Tom Levy, (M.D). in his textbook, “Stop America’s No 1 Killer,“ (heart disease) states that blaming cholesterol as the culprit because it is often present in the body of a heart attack patient, is akin to blaming policemen for burglaries, since they also, are often at the scene of the crime! High cholesterol is only present in heart disease, perhaps 50% of the time. Many heart attacks occur in patients with normal cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is the basis of all adrenal gland hormones, (plus other hormones). In stressful times much is produced to provide the base for manufacturing these protective hormones. Completely eliminating cholesterol from the diet results in the body still producing the substance for its use. It is clearly a necessary substance - hardly a disease process. Cholesterol lowering drugs actually impair the liver from making the substance, which is why you are advised not to take the drug if you have liver disease. Statin drugs, as they are called, also destroy an enzyme that is called coenzyme-Q10. Deficiencies of this enzyme are a major cause of heart attacks. Statin drugs also are blamed for many known side-effects, and many such that are not known or reported. An August, 2008 study printed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that lowering cholesterol increases your risk of cancer by 33%! There is a better way to solve the problem, and that is the purpose of this chapter!

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