& Maintaining Your Health

An alternative healing handbook to Enhance your knowledge of physical conditions which respond well to simple, available and proven treatments that are accessible to everyone.

The Role of Chiropractic in Your Health

Many medical doctors are beginning to use chiropractic doctors for their patients. However, many remain quite hostile. Drug companies and their political lobbyists constantly fight to prevent patients from going to “alternative healers.” It is difficult to believe that this actually happens in this country, but unfortunately it does. It is political medicine that hinders the use of alternative healers. Most medical doctors are honestly trying to help their patients, but they have been told for decades, that any treatment outside of the established medication route is quackery.

A study at the University of Chicago (WebMD, March 16, 2007) found that those high blood pressure patients that get spinal adjustments alone, reduce their blood pressure levels more than does the prescription of two of the usual blood pressure medications given together! You didn’t know that, did you? Your ordinary doctor doesn’t either, and some doctors have been known to get quite hostile when patients suggest they might try other therapies such as spinal adjustments for blood pressure or heart problems. You might ask them how many high blood pressure patients they haves “cured.” Cured - not just symptom reduction by a life time of drugs...and of course, side effects!

You might wonder that there are no studies that prove that most cases of epileptic seizures get well or greatly improve under chiropractic spinal adjustments. Yet most epileptic patients do in fact get well, or remarkably improve under this type of care. In fact, the typical patient who is having a seizure usually comes out of the seizure immediately, with a spinal adjustment.

Did you know that most heart attack patients do much better with a simple chiropractic adjustment. Do they all get well? No, they do not. Are they all helped to some degree? That answer is yes, they are helped to some degree. Do they sometimes need medication or surgery? Yes, they do.

Americans spend more money on medical care than any other country in the world, and yet have more disease problems, huge numbers of deaths by prescribed drugs or medical errors, a shorter life span than the rest of the world, and rank far down on the list of the amount of newborn children that survive birth. According to a study (WWW.CNN May 2006), more newborns die at birth in the United States than any other country except Latvia. It is becoming a common question to ask if the medical system in this country works well at all. Political spokespersons frequently quote that our medical system is “broken.”

If you have the need for necessary surgery, suffer a heavy trauma, fractures, or some massive infections, America’s medicine is the place to be. Chronic disease care or prevention of disease however, is not handled well by the current medical establishment.

Spinal adjustments rarely cause any side-effects. Vitamins seldom, if ever, hurt patients as well. It is suggested that you try some of each along with the recommendations in Regaining and Maintaining Your Health.