& Maintaining Your Health

An alternative healing handbook to Enhance your knowledge of physical conditions which respond well to simple, available and proven treatments that are accessible to everyone.

Healthy Tips

Migraine headaches
You may have a problem in your intestines - poison accumulation, or constipation, and that may be causing your migraine. You may have a pinched nerve in your neck and that might be the cause. Perhaps your blood sugar has dropped too low if you haven't eaten for 4 hours. In any case, drugs are not the solution. Yes, they will grant you relief for the near term, but your best bet is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, and the therapies that are recommended in the downloadable Headaches Chapter. Adding chiropractic adjustments is a primary method of regaining and maintaining your health! Along with chiropractic, massage is also invaluable in helping restore your health!

Causes of acne
Believe it or not, there may be nothing wrong with your skin when you have acne. When you eat too much junk, breathe in too many gas fumes or other pollutants, and your bowels or kidneys are not functioning effectively, the skin is the next means for dumping the poisons. The skin is a major part of the body to help get rid of things that are bad to eat. Addressing the aforementioned problems first, will give the skin a break.

A preferred way to get rid of cellulite
Cellulite results when unusable calcium is locked away in the fat of the legs - typically female legs. Calcium sometimes makes "stones" in leg fat. When the skin grows normally, these calcium stones cannot stretch out and the skin tends to pucker. The result is what is called cellulite. It is certainly not fun but it can be fixed! If you have ever taken the birth control pill, you will probably have problems with a failure to use copper, and copper is required to use calcium. Check out the downloadable Cellulite Chapter from the home page.

An alternative to statin drugs for a cholesterol problem
The Framingham, MA Heart Study has been evaluating heart disease for close to 100 years. Researcher Dr. George Mann says: “The diet hypothesis that suggests that a high intake of fat or cholesterol causes heart disease has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, and yet, for complicated reasons of pride, profit and prejudice, the hypothesis continues to be exploited by scientists, fund raising enterprises, food companies and even governmental agencies. The public is being deceived by the greatest health scam of the century.”

Dr. Linus Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, showed that enough vitamin C in the diet or general intake, will prevent the need for cholesterol to be laid down on arterial walls-thus preventing a ruptured artery, a stroke or internal bleeding! Read the full chapter on cholesterol for detailed techniques you can use.

Vitamin C intake
Recent assessment indicates there are over 75,000 chemicals dumped into our water supply. Each of those chemicals must be handled by Vitamin C in your body. Taking at least 5,000 mg of Vitamin C per day (or more) aids detoxification of those pollutants. The so-called balanced diet will not supply enough of Vitamin C. See this textbook assessment on vitamin C usage and your health!

Some good things to cut back on with blood sugar problems
Bananas, dates, figs, pineapple, raisins, grapes, apricots, plums and prunes should be used at a minimum, if you have Low Blood Sugar or a carbohydrate intolerance noted on your hair analysis. Whole fruit is best, (excepting those listed above), rather than juices, as the sugar is too concentrated in juice. The above mentioned fruits are too sweet by themselves, for the hypoglycemic patient, and especially the ADD-H patient. Sugar in general is best left out of the typical diet in this country!

A good way to feel better and lose weight
Most people that change their diet to mostly fruit, vegetables, chicken, lamb and fish; then eliminate fried foods, white sugar, pork, flour and pasta, find that their appetites drop, their weight drops and their energy increases after only 3 or 4 days. Adding food combining as a lifestyle further enhances their well-being. Food Combining information can be found on the web.

Seriously - consider no root canals
Removal of root canals is a probable wise move for most patients. You might want to buy Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. George Meinig, and consult with a mercury free dentist. A root canal , can be a tooth that retains your good looks, and is desirable for most of us. However, the evidence suggests that a tremendous amount of your body s defenses are used up constantly to prevent infection from the dead tooth in your mouth. Accordingly, evidence has been shown that another ailment somewhere in your body may flare up into a serious disease process, because your immune capabilities spent for the root canal, are unable to muster enough strength to handle the second ailment.

An easy way to help arthritis
Soaking and massaging your hands in hot water and Epsom salts, followed by using the Deep Massage Formula (available through will materially ease arthritis symptoms in your hands and fingers. An occasional whole soaking bath in 20 pounds of Epsom salts in hot water will also materially aid your arthritis.

An easy way to get rid of warts
If you have a problem with warts, or raised brown spots on your skin, make a paste of baking soda and Organic Castor Oil, rubbing the mixture on the problem spot each day. Sometimes in as little as 2 or 3 days, the spot will turn black and fall off. It may take several weeks, but invariably the spot will go away.

Shoulder problems can be real problems
A rotator cuff condition of the shoulder is a common difficulty today. It primarily involves an injury to the tendon which attaches a shoulder muscle to the bone. Surgery may be necessary, but using this simple therapy may prevent the need for surgery and grant significant recovery. You should try mixing pure apple cider vinegar with ordinary table salt, and forming a paste. (It does not really form a paste, but it is a mixture) Massage this paste into the area of pain/injury several times per day, for 5 minutes or so. This mixture is said to encourage growth and repair of injured cartilage, ligaments and tendons. For immediate relief of pain, you should order and use White Russian Massage Oil from, as mentioned throughout this book. Use it on the areas of pain as often as desired.

Knee problems
Injuries to a knee joint usually involves tendons, muscle, ligaments and cartilage. It can be very debilitating. Surgery is not always a perfect solution, but on occasion is the patients only choice. To avoid long-term disability and surgical intervention, try massaging the following substances into all painful areas of the knee. Be diligent and consistent. Mix pure apple cider vinegar and common table salt into a paste, and massage this paste into the areas of pain. (It does not really form a paste, but it is a mixture) Massage the knee towards the foot. You should do so, several times per day. Your doctor may order a brace and other therapies to help support the injured structures, all of which can be helpful. Use the paste with or without other therapies prescribed by your physician. There are no side-effects and it commonly offers significant relief. For immediate relief of pain, you should order and use White Russian Massage Oil from, as mentioned throughout this book. Use it on the areas of pain as often as desired.

Ingrown toenails
To get rid of an ingrown toenail, add spirits of camphor to baking soda, making a paste. Place the paste on a piece of cotton, and put it under the toenail. If done nightly, it generally will heal and disappear.

Food combining - the best diet aid there is
Food combiners generally eat a lot of food and yet...lose weight! They also gain energy, sleep better and live longer. Try this along with the other tips, and perhaps buy a book that expands on the food combining concept. See the book Fit For Life.

A great way to fix your gums and your teeth!
If you suffer from pyorrhea, bleeding or inflamed gums, you should purchase a product called Chewy s Tooth and Gum Restorer, along with Glycothymoline as recommended throughout this text. Massage your gums for several minutes each day with your finger or a Q-Tip, using this Chewy s Tooth and Gum Restorer product. Rinse well with Glycothymoline. This treatment commonly resolves gum disease issues. You can purchase these products from the

The castor oil pack - a great and easy treatment without side effects
The Castor Oil Pack, mentioned frequently in this text, is perhaps one of the most effective treatments you can do to restore your health! The original name for castor oil is the Palma Christi. The meaning was the Hand of Christ, strongly suggestive of healing powers. An excellent text book, by Wm. McGarey, M.D., The Palma Christi is very helpful in learning about and using, castor oil!

Locally grown fruit and vegetables are best
When a fruit or vegetable is picked, it begins to lose its vitamin/nutritional value, depending upon how long it is shipped or delayed to getting into your food supply. Accordingly, it is always best to buy home grown, organic food, and eat it timely, to maximize your nutritional intake. Unfortunately, ordering fruit from Chile, or Peru, storing it, shipping 6 or 7 days in a boat, moving through this country, storing it in the super market, and other interferences, seriously degrades the vitamin content and health of the fruit.

Gluten in the diet can be a problem.
A gluten free diet for fibromyalgia and arthritis is an asset. See "Gluten In Your Diet" in the Appendix of Regaining & Maintaining Your Health. Many foreign countries require a notice of food that contains gluten. We should do likewise, but whoever has the most money seems to be able to get what they want.

Meditation for overall improvement in your life
A critical factor for most of us is the concept of thinking yourself into good health! You must think health all the time, knowing that your sub-conscious intelligence will give you what you act like you already have. That is an excellent procedure for becoming successful, as well. Regaining & Maintaining Your Health explains an aid to learn meditation, and that also will improve your overall health.