& Maintaining Your Health

An alternative healing handbook to Enhance your knowledge of physical conditions which respond well to simple, available and proven treatments that are accessible to everyone.


Many of us need something to make some sense out of this business called life, but we have gotten so wrapped up in the process of making a living for ourselves and family, we have forgotten how to sit back and take stock of things.


Meditation for relaxation has been around awhile. The word on the street is that relaxation is a result of some types of meditation, but relaxation alone doesn’t seem to go far enough. Being relaxed doesn’t solve business problems or cover payroll. Talking about the process of meditation at a business lunch hardly is appropriate and certainly is not tax deductible.

In a nutshell, meditation is taking just a few moments out of our busy day to simply be quiet. It can provide remarkable rewards. After all, the world is certainly not going to stop spinning if we don’t make the next green light, or get to the next meeting on time. And if you dislike the paradigm of sitting in contemplation deep within a cave for 24 hours per day, join the club. Anybody that sits in a cave for that long probably has moss growing on their arms. Most of us are not that dedicated. There is a better way.


Taking 15 minutes a day to get quiet and communicate with the Source of creation, by whatever name you use, lends amazing advantages to your overall health and well being. If you are not inclined to talk, just quieting your mind and assuming a healing attitude, has been shown to materially aid most people’s health.

Included in the Appendix of Regaining & Maintaining Your Health is a discussion on how you might proceed with a meditative intention to enhance your well-being and long life.

Details and in-depth suggestions are available in the MEDITATION section of the Appendix in the Regaining and Maintaining Your Health e-book.

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