& Maintaining Your Health

An alternative healing handbook to Enhance your knowledge of physical conditions which respond well to simple, available and proven treatments that are accessible to everyone.

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William B. Risley, D.C.

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Enhance Your Health

Dr. Risley describes what you can do for yourself to feel better by following simple steps. Click Tips to get this valuable reference information, absolutely free!

"I was surprised that I could do so much for my own
 health. I love this book. It's a handy one!"
  - Kendra Richards


  •   Acne
  •   ADD-H/ADHD
  •   Allergies
  •   Alzheimers
  •   Anorexia/Bulimia
  •   Arthritis
  •   Asthma / COPD
  •   Autism
  •   Cancer
  •   Cellulite
  • Cholesterol
  •   Depression
  •   Diabetes
  •   Digestive Disease
  •   Dizziness/Vertigo
  •   Epilepsy
  •   Fibromyalgia / CFS
  •   Flu / Influenza / Cold
  •   Hemorrhoids
  •   Headaches / Migraine
  •   Hypertension / High BP
  •   Hypoglycemia
  • Impotence / ED
  •   Infertility /Sterility
  •   Menopause
  •   Meditation
  •   MS / Parkinsons / ALS
  •   Osteoporosis
  •   Peripheral Artery Disease
  •   Pre-Menstrual Tension
  •   Prostate Problem
  •   Psoriasis
  •   Restless Leg Syndrome
  •   Stuttering
  •   Shingles
  •   Sinus Problems/Sinusitis
  •   Vitiligo